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Discover a new way of selling that feels right

Virtual and in-person training, coaching, and consultancy without PowerPoint or dated ‘tactics’.

The problem with most sales training

Using our years of experience working in businesses like BT and with companies like Dyson, we’re here to show you that sales isn’t terrifying. In fact, sales is nothing more than helping, serving and supporting your clients.

  Our training is engaging, relevant, and easy to implement. In fact, we aim to make everything seem so obvious, you’ll feel like you knew it all along.

You’ll soon see we’re nothing like the jargon-filled and dull sales training you’ve had in the past.

Nevil Tynemouth


After building teams capable of hitting over £1 billion in new revenue targets with BT, Nevil turned his attention to helping businesses with everything he’d learned working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

And since launching New Results in 2010, Nevil has supported teams with sales training, business development training, LinkedIn training, and coaching, and has developed on-demand learning for over 250 businesses to date.

Nevil leads the training delivery team.

“I’ve seen the best of the best consulting and Nevil is up there with the best of the best.”
– Allison Thompson, Ashmore Consulting

Our approach


Sometimes business development training can be a bit old-fashioned (and boring).

Our style is engaging, relevant, and supportive. Your participation is essential – meaning you’ll take in everything you learn.


Before we begin any session, we’ll make sure all tools, learnings, and information are relevant to your business. We have an idea of the content we need to cover, but we work with you to sculpt the path you want to take.


Speak to us after your session! We’re always open to, and actively encourage, it.

Tell us about specific challenges you’re having. We wish more people would take us up on this offer.

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