Working With You

Your training is specific to your needs, goals and plans.

Here’s a little bit more about our curiosity and how it all falls into place when we start working together.

Our Curiosity

We have long been curious about the human mind, psychology and personality traits. It’s this curiosity that is at the forefront of our work at New Results.

This hasn’t changed and it drives us to research new techniques and theories, so you know that your development is up to date and relevant.

Curious About You

We’re not just curious about the research and logic behind training and sales programmes – we’re curious about you. Getting to understand your needs, the needs of your team and understanding your customers.

We do this by spending time in your business, getting to understand more about you, the skills you have and the language you use. This way, your training is specific to you, your team and your customers.

Shaping and Preparing

Now it’s time to create your course. A spot of pre-work in the shape of a webinar or reading, getting everyone thinking ahead of the training and focusing them on your organisation’s and customers’ needs.


Delivering your training course, we provide an engaging experience so that every team member feels valued and is

enabled to think about their needs and behaviours – as well of those of your customers.Helping your team to step out of their comfort zones, developing your team’s knowledge, skills and behaviours as we go, allowing you all to work together and share experiences.

All of this is done in a safe environment, with set tasks and goals, as well as personal workbooks to capture key information and actions.

Reviewing and Updating

Keeping the momentum going is key. There will be some key actions and output captured from the training, they’ll be shared with everyone. Along the way there’ll be a few gentle “nudges” too, reminding people of their commitments from the session.

Then it’s time to update you on outputs and give you the tools to support your team with their learning. Followed by a full debrief; what worked well, what could have been better and what are you seeing in terms of changing behaviours from your team.


Once the training has finished that not it, we’re here supporting you for the next 6 months. Our reputation is important to us “your only as good as the last piece of work you did” which is why providing a meaningful service that adds value to your organisation is key.

As part of this we offer a six-month support package, so whether you want help on techniques covered, advice on the next steps, or a simple confidence booster we’re here to help.