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Check before you click?

A very good friend of mine has a habit of clicking before checking.  This is especially true when it comes to Facebook posts. And it surprises me each time: after all, isn’t there just a hint of curiosity; some part of the brain wondering if what’s been presented as fact really is f…

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Gatekeepers and sellers

Who are you? No, not a blog about football chants or The Who's 1978 classic album, it's about the whole seller vs. gatekeeper piece.

"Gatekeeper". I'm not a fan of the word; no issue with the people, it's the word. Actually, you know what, it's less the word, it's more about what it now …

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Down in the mouth…or Took my breath away

I had a root canal filling a couple of weeks ago. The reaction from anyone I told was a combined wince and sharp intake of breath.

"Did it hurt?"

"It took an hour? I wouldn't fancy that."

"I hate the thought of going to the dentist: needles and drills!"

Naturally, I p…

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The route(r) to better performance


I was asked to do a short presentation to explain what New Results does. So naturally I took along one of our old D-Link routers...

Imagine the excitement on the day that this (then) new router arrived: full of the promise of increased performance. Deciding that I was the rig…

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Common sales myths and their truths

Over the 30 years or so that I've been in sales/sales management/sales training, there's been the occasional myth that continues to do the rounds.  Here are three that still get trained out or cited as being true.

Myth #1: 55% of the meaning in face to face communication comes from body l…

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Selling to decision-makers & influencers. Lessons from a kid’s party.

It's great when a business owner recognises who the decision-makers and influencers are. Here's a short story about a kid's party.

If you have children under the age of 10, chances are they're at birthday parties on a frighteningly regular basis.

Really, just how many friends can a …

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Time-management? Forget it.

Time-management.  You can't do it;  it's a misnomer.

Time's the great leveller: no matter how wealthy or poor we are, we all get 168 hours in a week.  Which means that unless you've found a fully functioning TARDIS or Doc Brown's DeLorean, you're as powerless to manage time as the other…

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cost value matrix

Value based selling

As Warren Buffett is credited as saying, "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

If I had a penny for every time a salesperson told me that their customers only ever buy on price, well I'd have a pile of pennies. And yet, the evidence points elsewhere. Here's just a few examples fr…

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Business people

What business people like and dislike about others

What  behaviours do you chose to adopt?

Here's the output from ten business people, across a wide range of industries, on what they like and dislike about others that they've dealt with that day.


  • Greedy - wanting us to spend money before seein…

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Pin the customer on the journey

I was in my native county – Lancashire – earlier this month, delivering my keynote on the Psychology of Consumer Behaviour.  Hey, wake up at the back!  This is a bit different, though I admit that there’s a couple of pictures of a brain.

Anyway, part of my keynote examines where cu…

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