What business people like and dislike about others

What  behaviours do you chose to adopt?

Here’s the output from ten business people, across a wide range of industries, on what they like and dislike about others that they’ve dealt with that day.


  • Greedy – wanting us to spend money before seeing what they had to sell
  • Dishonest – told us something that proved to be a blatant lie
  • Dishonest – used underhand tactics to gain a competitive advantage
  • Not trustworthy – very secretive, withholding information, preventing trade
  • Salesperson was unable to trade without authority


  • Reliable – stuck to their word; delivered on their promises
  • Worked together as a team
  • Honest, straight-talking, fair & trustworthy
  • Considered the needs of others in an effort to collaborate, to mutual benefit
  • Fostered an open and honest relationship

No surprises in here: we know what can prevent trade and what can encourage business to take place.  As these are predominantly behaviours, it all depends on which we choose to adopt.

Image sourced from Pixabay

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