This is not Facebook, repeat this is not Facebook!

I see this a lot of content on LinkedIn and recently a lot of people expressing their concern (and getting quite irate) about some of the content, images and discussion threads being shared on LinkedIn. For me LinkedIn remains the single most effective business networking platform. If you are concerned about some of the content what can you do about it?

1. From the homepage hover over the small downward arrow on the top right of any particular post. It will offer you several options: Hide this particular update (does what it says on the tin) or unfollow this user (keeps you connected but you don’t see their updates).

*Note for the most serious posts that really are inappropriate, you can flag and report them from this same drop down menu.

2. Remove the particular person from your own connections. Simply go to your connections, search for that person and remove them from own connections, you wont see their updates and you will no longer be connected to them.

3. Ensure you are posting appropriate content yourself, stop and think – does this add value to my network. Ask yourself is this information true and valid and lastly is LinkedIn the appropriate platform to share this on? As a good rule of thumb if you are happy to be seen on the BBC news website alongside your posting or have your photo and name on the front page of a newspaper alongside your article then yes go ahead an post it.

4. Simple but effective, just scroll past, ignore and don’t interact with the content. Getting involved in a debate about the validity of a post will raise its profile quickly (I have seen a couple of deliberately provocative posts designed to do just this).

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips (and you feel this is appropriate for LinkedIn). I am hoping we can keep on developing LinkedIn as an important part of our business networking and not see it spiral into a Facebook wannabe.

What other tips or ideas would you suggest?

How big an issue is this for you?

What are your big LinkedIn posting faux pas?

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