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Become the accountant your clients need you to be

To make yourself indispensable in a competitive market

Business development support for accountants

Don’t just take our word for it...

Being just an accountant isn’t enough

Your clients are sitting at home, right now, watching adverts on TV from cloud accounting software providers saying nobody needs you.

And it’s true – if all you’re doing are the basics, it’s easy for clients to DIY their accounts or jump ship to someone cheaper.

You need to make yourself indispensable – which means becoming more than an accountant.

So that’s what we’ll support you with.

How does it work?

Business development training

Identify all the things your clients need support with, and develop systems and processes to deliver it – getting more from your existing clients.

Client acquisition

We’ll analyse your current sales and marketing strategy to help you put in place a value-first process to avoid builders with binbags of receipts and attract people who value what you do.

Team development training

Build a team around you with the skills to take your business in the new direction you need to go.

Managing people can be one of the hardest things to do. With our help, it won’t be.

If your clients don’t get the support they need from you, they’ll get it from someone else.

We’ll help you realise sales is nothing more than helping, serving, and supporting your clients.

Booking a FREE informal chat is the first step.

From accountant to trusted advisor

We’ll help you map a route to add value and become an essential asset for your clients.

Step 1: Understanding your clients

We’ll understand what’s brought your clients to where they are today and where they want to go next. This will help you really understand what their goals are and what they need your help with.

Step 2: Developing your service offerings

Exit strategy support. R&D claims. Retirement planning. Financial strategy. Payroll services. The more you can support your clients with, the better for you and them.

Step 3: Outreach

Using everything we’ve built, we’ll look at client growth and acquisition strategies so you can support more people and grow your business.

What are the next steps from here?

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4. If we can help, we’ll confirm the next steps. If we can’t, we’ll point you in the right direction.
5. We’ll confirm prices and logistics and get to work.

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