Winning Major Clients and developing Key Accounts –  your operational approach

Helping your sales teams, account managers and business development teams to get more from their accounts clients and customers.

We focus on building excellent relationships, becoming the trusted advisor and helping your teams develop a true sense of business curiosity. This professional, ethical and highly effective approach allows your teams to gather more information, spot and develop more opportunities and create longer term commercial relationships with your key accounts, major customers and significant clients.

We help you and your teams by delivering training that focuses on:

Supporting account managers, business development and sales teams in developing a more strategic approach

Helping with a structure and framework to build relationships and gather key information

Building on existing selling and service skills to ensure a high quality professional sales approach

Sharing simple, yet highly effective tools to understand accounts, customers and clients at a strategic rather than operational level

Developing the skills and behaviours to dig into information; to clarify and gain full insight into each account and client

Using existing accounts, explore ways of understanding your customers in more detail, both from a company and individual level

This workshops and training includes the following:

Understanding the pre-work and preparation needed (the two critical approaches and perspectives you need)

Finding all of the key areas of strength and development needed in your business

Looking for opportunities to leverage existing relationships to get in front of major clients

Focussing on the key tools and goal setting mind-set that makes major client interaction successful

Sharing a framework and methodology for major customer engagement in a face to face environment

Once this has been covered we will look at the specific approaches proven to be engaging for major clients. Sharing key successes we will look at the following process (SAPS) for client engagement:

Understanding the “Significant pain, change or opportunity” presenting in your major customer

Finding out about their “Access to funds”, budget and timescales

Digging in to fully appreciate their internal “Purchasing or procurement process”

Discovering the effects that “Sleepless nights” have on individual contacts and using this in the sales process

We would love to find out about your goals and plans to develop your key accounts, grow your major clients and develop significant customers, once we understand your goals (and anything holding you back) we can put together a tailored programme of development to suit your specific needs.


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