The Psychology of Consumer and Seller Behaviour

Looking at the world through your customers and clients eyes is critical.

Whether it’s a building society understanding where the real start of their customer journey is or it’s a consultancy organisation seeing the emotional impact that they can have on their customer or it’s a technology company spotting new ways to delight their own clients.

We’ve been helping a number of organisations understand both sides of the seller and consumer equation.

Helping individuals understand their personal motivators and drivers as sellers within their business development role is critical. The emotional association and personal labels we brand ourselves with can have a huge positive or a negative effect on our performance. Our role has been to help people understand themselves by creating a safe environment to help them understand how they have a positive association with selling and the word sales. Allowing them to serve their customers in a much more productive and effective way.

Selling is easy, but people make it complicated. Especially customers. And sellers. (We get frustrated by sellers and business owners who forget to think like their customer. Not their customers; their customer.)

Some of the elements that we can cover with you on your programme are:

Unlocking the root of buying decisions

Recognising where client journeys really begin

Appreciating the length and duration of the customer journey

Knowing how to invest wisely, identifying the low cost high value things to really wow your customers

Understanding the power of getting your customers in a positive emotional state

Finding simple ways to develop a true sense of business curiosity

Appreciating the world through your customers eyes

Recognising how everyone in your organisation can have a positive effect on the customer journey.

The ultimate outcome from this programme is a team of sellers who really know and understand their own role and how to influence customers along the real customer journey. You will have an enthusiastic engaged team ready to delight customers without breaking the bank. We will help you help your customers in the most effective ways.


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