Train the Coach

Coaching is a brilliant but often misunderstood business tool. We are helping directors, partners, managers, supervisors and team leaders really empower their own teams and maximise the potential of the team around them through learning and using non-directive coaching techniques.

You might be curious about coaching and wonder what it can do to help you and your organisation.

Working with organisations in technology in areas such as IT, events, training, apprenticeship and professional services we are helping clients develop and improve their individual coaching approaches.

We have a tailored programme to develop your management team and your team leaders, providing a progression in development from a one-day to a full three-day programme.

Our Train the Coach programme helps your team in:

Understanding how and when coaching is appropriate

Building their coaching skills in a safe environment

Giving them the tools to get the most from the teams around them

Supporting their ability to use non-directive (pull) coaching techniques

This programme is designed to give your teams the tools and information they need to develop their coaching skills and set your organisation on the road to creating a coaching culture.

We do this by:

Introducing the principles of non-directive coaching.

Understanding the fundamentals of coaching; when and how coaching can be used.

Developing a practical and adaptable coaching model, suitable for use in any coaching situation.

Understanding how to coach a colleague. Applying coaching techniques in your role.

Knowing when coaching is the appropriate tool to use.

Understanding how coaching works (from a psychological perspective) and why non-directive is appropriate when working with behaviours (rather than skills).

The coaching programme has been built on an in-depth understanding of coaching and coaching cultures in FTSE100 organisations. It focuses on participation and getting delegates involved in coaching from the first exercise.

Coaching is a powerful business tool and we would love to discuss this with you and explain how our Train the Coach programme can benefit you and your organisation.

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