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Hello welcome to our blog page. You’ll find lots of blogs here about sales, sales training, coaching, LinkedIn and the Customer Journey, oh and some New Results news too. Hope you enjoy them, feel free to share and comment.

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Planning for a successful year ahead?

As the year winds up, how do you go about planning for a successful year ahead?


One opportunity we have at the minute (a lot of business to business organisations have a quiet period of Christmas) is a little more reflective time. I have to admit I am massive fan of a walk …

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Professionals learning over lunch

The changing nature of training and development

The way we learn is changing and developing.

You might have noticed short-form learning, bitesize learning opportunities or even micro-learning. All of these are changing the very nature of development and learning.

Have you thought about why this is the case?

It’s not that…

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Technology being used by a group of business people

Is technology an enabler or barrier to professional service firms’ success?

I was fortunate to speak at a round table recently exploring technology and the client journey in professional service firms. This particular round table was for SME legal firms.

It was great to hear about how these firms were investing in technology. Also how much resource and time they w…

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Referrals and cross selling in your business development strategy

Why does cross sell need to be on your business development agenda?


We have been working with professional services firms helping them to make referrals and to cross sell. It’s an area that is often, overlooked in business development. In some cases, firms assume that cro…

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Strategic planning - 2 people discussing a plan

Planning your strategy in uncertain times

Planning your strategy in uncertain times


Why plan?


There is little argument that we live in uncertain times. You may wonder if it’s a waste of precious time and effort to put together any sort of strate…

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Do you need new clients, or do you need to get more from your existing clients?

Do you need new clients, or do you need to get more from your existing clients?

It’s a strange question to ask from someone who runs a business helping people to look for new clients!

The reason I ask is, most people we speak to want to improve their business de…

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Thank Me Card

Time for reflection? Ending the financial year reflecting and planning.

Why would you stop and reflect on the last 12 months, how could that benefit you? Taking the time to stop and deeply reflect on what you have achieved and what gaps you still have is key for your personal and business development. If you don’t pause and look back, you might miss important areas…

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Mistakes on LinkedIn

Avoiding the three biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn

Understanding and avoiding the three biggest mistakes professionals make on LinkedIn is key to your success.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when it is used in a professional way. Like all powerful tools, it can significantly help you or cause you harm, depending on your skill level when…

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Training workshop

Fee paying hours versus investment hours.

Is it time to look at what development programmes really mean to you and your firm? Fee-paying hours versus investment hours (the true costs of training and development for your firm). This is about understanding the true cost (and investment) of training and development and what this means to yo…

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Business development plan

Structured business development planning to grow your firm

Structured business development planning to help grow your firm

There are lots of nice easy to remember quotes about planning and having a plan. Thinking clearly about how you grow your firm with a well-organised business development plan is key:

“Failing to prepare is preparing…

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