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International mens day sunderland

International Men’s Day Sunderland – a new free online platform offering support to everyone (not just men!)

Last years International Men’s Day (IMD), was a great success and we have now put all the content from the live session onto a free to access platform.

On November 19, In…

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sales apprenticship

New Results and Education Partnership North East launch sales qualification

We've partnered with Education Partnership North East to launch a new professional qualification for sales executives.

Working with Education Partnership North East we'll be delivering a Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship.

The course will allow employers to enhance the skills of their sal…

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Johari window

Johari Window – what’s it all about?

Johari Window. What is it and how can it help us get to know our clients in a very different way?

Johari Window is a tool that's really stood the test of time.  Developed in 1955, by two people - …

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psychology of consumer behaviour

Psychology of Consumer Behaviour – Assumptions

In my previous blog, 'What is The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour?', we highlighted an important fact - the consumer is unique.  In addition, we recognised that we need to consider the consumer's values - and not our own.Read More


What is The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour?

We are exploring the Psychology of Consumer Behaviour (PCB), something we’ve invested a lot of time in and done a lot of research and reading around it.  First of all, let’s consider what Psychology of Consumer Behaviour is all about?

The individual consumer is unique

This is…

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sharing content

Sharing content on LinkedIn

Sharing content on LinkedIn?  What is the best way to do it?  This is one question that crops up at our LinkedIn training sessions.

There are different ways of sharing information on LinkedIn, but we need some guiding principles to start with. We've talked about (in previous blogs) under…

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Why should you recommend someone on LinkedIn?

Why should you recommend someone on LinkedIn?  Today we are exploring LinkedIn further.  As author of ‘Sales Succes…

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How to use ‘advanced search’ on LinkedIn

The 'advanced search' facility on LinkedIn is the topic of today's blog.  Helping you to understand its importance and get the most from this powerful tool.

LinkedIn has changed a lot since it was launched 15 years ago.  I’m regularly asked for advice by LinkedIn users.  One of the ar…

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how to complete your LinkedIn profile

How to complete your LinkedIn profile

I'm often asked, how to complete a LinkedIn profile.  In my previous blog, 'How to use LinkedIn to grow your business', I talked about the perfect profile, looking at your target audience and building trust.  In this b…

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using LinkedIn to grow your business

How to use LinkedIn to grow your business

I'm often approached by people looking for advice such as, “how do I use LinkedIn to grow my business?”.  In my previous blog, 'How should your LinkedIn profile look?', I explained about the importance of your prof…

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LinkedIn Profile


Building your perfect LinkedIn profile

90 seconds of a meeting


First 90 seconds of a meeting

Planning for coaching


Planning your coaching sessions