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Positive Coping During Tough Times – Recognising and managing the two stress states of mind

This is our second guest blog from Dave Algeo on "positive Coping During Tough Times"

To begin with, we need to recognise the two ‘stress states of mind’:

Overwhelm - that ‘in the moment’ feeling of losing it, panic, anger, freeze, hig…

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Bringing commerciality to life for you and your organisation.

In a changing world it is key that you and your organisation know what commerciality is and how you bring it to life.

Firstly, what is “Commerciality”?

It can be defined as “A commercial quality or character, the ability to produce a profit”.

That sounds very clinical…

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Positive Coping During Tough Times – identifying your triggers

Positive Coping During Tough Times – Identifying Your Triggers

Aka Sweating Sprouts Not Cabbages

In these two articles, Dave Al…

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How do you create a coaching culture?

How do you create a coaching culture in your organisation?

The starting point is to ask "Why do you need a coaching culture?"

Then, and this is a big one, "What is coaching?"

At New Results, we look beyond one to one time and explore coaching in its purest form - non-directiv…

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Planning for a successful year ahead?

As the year winds up, how do you go about planning for a successful year ahead?


One opportunity we have at the minute (a lot of business to business organisations have a quiet period of Christmas) is a little more reflective time. I have to admit I am massive fan of a walk …

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The changing nature of training and development

The way we learn is changing and developing.

You might have noticed short-form learning, bitesize learning opportunities or even micro-learning. All of these are changing the very nature of development and learning.

Have you thought about why this is the case?

It’s not that…

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Technology being used by a group of business people

Is technology an enabler or barrier to professional service firms’ success?

I was fortunate to speak at a round table recently exploring technology and the client journey in professional service firms. This particular round table was for SME legal firms.

It was great to hear about how these firms were investing in technology. Also how much resource and time they w…

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Referrals and cross selling in your business development strategy

Why does cross sell need to be on your business development agenda?


We have been working with professional services firms helping them to make referrals and to cross sell. It’s an area that is often, overlooked in business development. In some cases, firms assume that cro…

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Planning your strategy in uncertain times

Planning your strategy in uncertain times


Why plan?


There is little argument that we live in uncertain times. You may wonder if it’s a waste of precious time and effort to put together any sort of strate…

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Do you need new clients, or do you need to get more from your existing clients?

Do you need new clients, or do you need to get more from your existing clients?

It’s a strange question to ask from someone who runs a business helping people to look for new clients!

The reason I ask is, most people we speak to want to improve their business de…

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Helpful resources...

We spend a lot of time researching our training courses and once we’ve found something useful we love to share it. So here’s some useful free resources for you to read, watch and use.

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Tools to help you create your presentation structure

Team training for a group of professionals


Mastering Commerciality for Professionals – brochure

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Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)