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Planning your strategy in uncertain times

Planning your strategy in uncertain times


Why plan?


There is little argument that we live in uncertain times. You may wonder if it’s a waste of precious time and effort to put together any sort of strategy or plan. In fact, this could be the ideal time for you to review, update or start your strategic planning.

The process of planning has a range of benefits for you and your organisation; investing time in strategic planning can help you in:

Exploring key ideas and alternatives. Just thinking through your ideas and goals starts the process of thinking through how you can achieve these things. That process can be liberating in times of change.

Clarifying your thoughts and getting those ideas, thoughts, goals and aspirations out of your head. Our brains are often ticking away at an unconscious level, solving problems and thinking through plans, strategies and goals. Getting these out of your head and capturing them is a great thing to do. I spoke to someone just this week who felt “relieved” just to get ideas down on paper and out of their head.

Taking some time to tap into these thoughts can help you capture other new ideas, thoughts and perspectives. In turbulent times, we often see the world, goals and barriers in a different way, why not capitalise on this opportunity to capture these new and fresh perspectives?

Documenting your ideas and plans for you and those around you can help give you and your team clarity and communicate more effectively. It may help you and your teams change your thinking to a more longer term outlook, raising you above current challenges. These type of discussive planning session allows you to see how those around you are thinking at the minute. It’s a great opportunity to help them get their ideas out on paper too!


Why plan now with so many unknowns and variables?


With so many unknows I am seeing individuals and companies lose sight of what is important to them and what they are looking to achieve. Taking time to plan can really help you regain focus on these things. It can reaffirm your thinking and, if appropriate make slight adjustments to your longer term goals.


Taking time to plan can help you and your team clarify a range of approaches and solutions, it may even help you come up with new solutions to problems that you couldn’t previously see (how many organisations said that home working was impossible before the first Covid lockdown, and how many other new solutions could come out of the current environment).


There is less thinking time needed! You have already explored alternatives, ideas and thoughts, so as the world changes around you so you can flex your approach and plan. As the world move a little again (as it always does) then you have a clear well thought out process to follow.


Now, all you need to do is grab a tea or coffee and find some quiet time away from your normal place of work to sit down and get these ideas down. Review your strategy. Discuss these approaches with your team, even involve your clients. The clarity and focus that comes from this activity are second to none, especially in interesting and changeable times.

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