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Hello welcome to our blog page. You’ll find lots of blogs here about sales, sales training, coaching, LinkedIn and the Customer Journey, oh and some New Results news too. Hope you enjoy them, feel free to share and comment.

When it comes to business development are skills or confidence more important?

Working with professionals like accountants, lawyers, bankers and consultants gives us a clear insight into personal development. We get involved in answering this question. When it comes to business development are skills or confidence more important to you and your team?

Often firms appr…

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Helping less experienced staff win more clients

How can you help less experienced members of your firm win more clients?

If you have a few years’ experience and created a successful firm, it may be a little challenging as you are now looking at new and less experienced members of your team to understand how you can …

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A professional’s guide to long lasting high trust relationships.

You are a busy professional, so focusing on the transaction at hand is key for you and your client. Making sure your billable time is correct and at the appropriate level for you and your client is core to what you do. read on for a professional’s guide to long lasting high trust relationships…

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Nev & Nic

It’s like riding a bike. Or is it?

Recently, I decided (was persuaded) to get a bike and get a different type of exercise (I love walking but need some variety).

I managed to buy a second-hand bike, which was much better for the environment and less impact financially if I decided it wasn’t for me.

This naturally b…

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Growing your fee-paying work from your existing clients

You know that you need to find new revenues for your firm. You know that this is an important part of the long-term sustainability of your business and is part of firm’s strategy. Why then, does something as simple as growing your fee paying work feel like such a challenge?

Most firms lo…

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Networking for professional and personal development

Why networking is key for your professional and personal development

Why networking is key for your professional and personal development

Helping you and your team grow your professional network is key to business development and growth. Expanding your personal reach and the reach of your firm beyond your existing clients is critical for long term business …

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As a professional services firm are you sending mixed messages on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful and effective social media channel to help you raise your brand, demonstrate your credibility, build a network and ultimately win you new clients.

Why then, do so many accountants, bankers, lawyers and financial service professionals send out mixed and confusing mess…

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International mens day sunderland

International Men’s Day Sunderland – a new free online platform offering support to everyone (not just men!)

Last years International Men’s Day (IMD), was a great success and we have now put all the content from the live session onto a free to access platform.

On November 19, In…

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sales apprenticship

New Results and Education Partnership North East launch sales qualification

We've partnered with Education Partnership North East to launch a new professional qualification for sales executives.

Working with Education Partnership North East we'll be delivering a Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship.

The course will allow employers to enhance the skills of their sal…

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Johari window

Johari Window – what’s it all about?

Johari Window. What is it and how can it help us get to know our clients in a very different way?

Johari Window is a tool that's really stood the test of time.  Developed in 1955, by two people - …

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