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12 Sales of Christmas

At New Results, we're doing an alternative to The Twelve Days of Christmas


On the first sale of Christmas New Results gave to me...

One Mapped Customer Journey

What is the customer journey and more importantly, what is your customer's journey? For your fir…

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brain lightbulb

Check before you click?

A very good friend of mine has a habit of clicking before checking.  This is especially true when it comes to Facebook posts. And it surprises me each time: after all, isn’t there just a hint of curiosity; some part of the brain wondering if what’s been presented as fact really is f…

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charity trek

What my charity trek across Iceland taught me

In my last two blogs I've talked about stretching your comfort zones, having a great team around you and in this, my final blog it's all about some of the things I have learned throughout the whole experience of trekking across Iceland.

The trek itself was fabulous, a great experience, g…

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How good is the team around you

How good is the team around you?

In my last blog, I talked about comfort zones and this week it's about the team around me, who supported me along the way.

As a reminder, I signed up to trek in Iceland for three reasons:

  1. To raise money for a cha…

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stretching comfort zones

3 things I learned from stretching my comfort zone

How does a trek to Iceland stretch your comfort zone?

Before I get into that, here's why I signed up to do a trek across Iceland.

  1. To raise money for a charity – the Sunshine fund does such great work providing specialised equipment to children with disabilities in the North …

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increase productivity

How to increase productivity? Jump on a train

It may sound a bit odd, telling you to jump on a train to increase productivity, especially as I am a devout petrol head and worship at the temple of unleaded (actually four star if you are old enough to remember that).

I now have no problem saying just how much I love the train (it's been…

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Gatekeepers and sellers

Who are you? No, not a blog about football chants or The Who's 1978 classic album, it's about the whole seller vs. gatekeeper piece.

"Gatekeeper". I'm not a fan of the word; no issue with the people, it's the word. Actually, you know what, it's less the word, it's more about what it now …

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ApprenTEAship- 6 months on…

6 months into my apprenticeship, where have I been?

If I got a pound for every time someone asked me that, then I’d be able to afford something big; maybe a big bag of crisps; not just a ‘grab a bag’ that you see in petrol stations.

I’ve been on a strictly confidential m…

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Sunderland BID, Mike, Nev, Training, BID, Business, Trainers, Presenting

Mak’em Smile!- Sunderland BID Ambassador training

On Friday 28th July, me, Nev and Mike set off bright and early to the Peacock pub in Sunderland. Unfortunately not for a team visit to the pub, but to deliver training for the ‘Mak’em Smile’ event created by the Read More


What’s your emotional baggage?

You’re in professional services and you want to sell more of your products.

That’s a space many people find themselves in, but actually one of the words in the title tends to really throw people – the word “sell”.

Lots of individuals involved in professional services, so…

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