Knowing what coaching is, when and why to use it to release your team’s potential.

Coaching is an effective way to help you to be your best.

Unlike other development options, coaching is about helping you to release your potential. Whether you are looking for individual coaching or want to embed a coaching culture we can help.

Our clients range from group chairmen through to junior sales people. Having designed and delivered coaching programmes for FTSE100 companies, our experience means we can help you no matter what your particular challenge is.

We’ve coached people on many things and supported them with:

Taking their business to the next level of growth

Planning an exit strategy

Creating a 3 year vision for their business

We’ve also accompanied sales team members on client visits and coached them after their visit to provide “real life” feedback, which you can’t get in a training room. If you’re looking to create a coaching culture within your business, that’s great. You can start the process with our Train The Coach Course, a 3-day course giving you the tools to start out on your coaching journey.


Vos is our one to one coaching programme under Optimum Vos. Put simply it’s all about you, what you want to achieve and where you want to go.


Optimum is when we introduce the collective power of a peer group.

Optimum Vos

You get the benefit of the Vos and Optimum programme plus a 90-minute presentation from a business speaker based on the topic of your choosing.

Here's what our clients say about us...

Nevil has a special ability to give you time to think, whilst working with you to generate solutions. What you don't realise is that the solutions are your own. Free your mind of the cobwebs fogging your ability to think freely. Give Nevil a call.

Mark Rycraft – Centre Manager JLL