Training - New Results

Training and development that creates New Results

Delivering high-impact training and development to you and your team.

Hands-on, discovery led engaging training focused on developing skills and confidence.

In short, training that creates real personal growth and development.

Training based on research and real world commercial experience

Why do people come to us for training?

They want to develop their team and want support to develop the very best training for them.

A skill gap has been identified as a result of an appraisal or review. Very often, it is a team or group not achieving their full potential.

They have teams that are good at their jobs and need more development to help them move from good to great.

They have ambitious growth plans.

They need to create strategic growth.

They want to engage and retain the best people in their organisation.


Don’t just take our word for it...

Who do help?

Organisations that really value people focused training

Leadership & Management Development

Your management and leadership journey starts with understanding yourself, your behaviours and true skills.

We focus on training that supports your confidence and competence in key management and leadership skills.

In a changing world, our training will help you progress to be the manager and leader your organisation needs.


Personal and professional development.

Imagine you on your very best day.

Imagine being able to deliver in every aspect of your job in a way that empowers you and those around you.

Our training helps you and your team grow into your true potential.

Business Development and Sales 

Business development and sales shifting your existing teams from good to great. Focussing on your team’s behaviours and shaping their existing skills.

Our training is based on 3 core principles:

Understanding you

Understanding the tools that need to be applied

Understanding your clients

All this will help your clients buy more of what you do, more often.

Personal and Professional Development

Personal Development Training

Your personal and professional development journey begins when you develop a deep understanding of you. Only then can you find the right mix of skill and competence to develop. We can support you with:

Business development
Business strategy
Commerciality in action
Change and transition
Client journey

Personal Development Training

Coaching training
Online meetings and presentations
Presentation skills

Leadership and Management development

Core management and leadership skills

Business strategy

Commerciality in action


Client journey

Coaching training

High performing teams

Core management and leadership skills



Management development



Presentation skills

Training and development for professionals

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How do we deliver your training?

Face-to-face and live online training

Interactive, hands-on, discovery-led training run by one of our experienced team.

Lunch & learn sessions

Bite-sized sessions you can finish in the time you have your sandwich.


On-demand online learning for your academics and leaders to learn in their own time.

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