Sales Success on LinkedIn

Working with a range of organisations from professional services (insurance, accountancy and legal professions) through to high end car retail we have supported organisations in identifying and developing a strategy on LinkedIn.

Working alongside directors, partners, managers, business development and sales people we’ve been showing them how to use LinkedIn effectively to attract, grow and retain clients using LinkedIn.

By developing a joined up strategy for business development and finding new business on LinkedIn we have helped our customers achieve significant sales and new opportunities from LinkedIn.

We’ll be helping you achieve your sales success on LinkedIn by:

Adopting a strategic approach to LinkedIn

Refining and developing personal profiles

Identifying, engaging and attracting new clients

Using LinkedIn effectively and efficiently when time constraints hold us back

Engaging your contacts in conversations, sharing information to build credibility and reliability in the marketplace

The key in this development is supporting you and your team in making a link between your existing face to face skills and applying them on LinkedIn.

We can dig into the real specifics of what you and your organisation needs, covering:

Understanding the power of LinkedIn

Building your powerful personal profile on LinkedIn

Finding your existing contacts and growing your online network

Using your LinkedIn company page

Posting the right information to engage your connections and potential customers and clients on LinkedIn

The 20 minutes a day model to focus on key LinkedIn activity

Powerful testimonials and endorsements (giving and getting) and how this helps you grow and develop your business

We can then build on these foundations with:

Using a proven, successful process to find the right new contacts on LinkedIn

Finding, connecting and arranging meetings with your key contacts

Refining your profile to best effect and raise your profile with key contacts

Understanding the power of search and advanced searches on LinkedIn to find you new contacts

Using the MiNe © model to maximise your impact with existing online contacts

Keeping the momentum going on LinkedIn


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