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What’s your emotional baggage?

You’re in professional services and you want to sell more of your products.

That’s a space many people find themselves in, but actually one of the words in the title tends to really throw people – the word “sell”.

Lots of individuals involved in professional services, so Accountants, Solicitors, Consultants – they get very nervous about the word “sell”. And right…

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Should salespeople come with a sell by date?


I was thinking of this the other day. How on earth do you understand if your salespeople are, fresh, in date and wholesome? You need to think about this and you need to review regularly where your salespeople are.

In lots of other professional organisations and professional careers, people have to regularly update their personal development – their CPD (continuous perso…

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the speaking issue

Developing your coaching approach

Coach versus Mentor: the developing battle

Thanks to the team at The Speaking Business magazine for publishing Nevil's article on developing coaching skills.

Lots of people offer coaching and my guess is that you will have experienced coaching in some form or another as part of your business career. I have been coached, c…

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Seven years old and seven things I’ve learnt

It's been 7 years since Nevil set up New Results Training, now known as New Results.

Some of you may know his favourite phrase is "every day is a school day" so here's what he's learnt over the last 7 years.

Relationships matter - Never underestimate the power of your network. The people you've worked with, worked for and even your friends and family. Do th…

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Eilidh Milnes Podcast

Eilidh Milnes Sales Podcast

Eilidh Milnes Podcast


Welcome to the bonus resources from Eilidh's podcast series. Hope you enjoyed our conversation about all things sales related. You can read a transcript of the podcast Read More


What could students possibly gain from LinkedIn networking (and other online platforms)

LinkedIn networking and networking effectively was the subject of a seminar I ran for students at Newcastle University Careers week.

The picture shows them starting to network and the physical act of growing a network (speaking to someone new in the room) and connecting up with people. We then went on to show how you replicate that on LinkedIn, along with showing them some of the other g…

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LinkedIn, sales

When it comes to your network, size isn’t everything!

It’s not the size of your network, it’s the value in your network.

Having more connections on any social media is good, but having a strong network that you support and help is key.  Likewise, a network that supports and helps you is much better. How do you add some value to your network?

  • Share information that is useful to connections (especially your customers or pote…

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Where do you go for your "Super school days"?

It's important to invest in personal and professional development and for me this comes in many different forms.

I was fortunate enough to attend the bi-annual conference of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA)  in Reading last October. This PSA convention is part of my development and one that I find useful, rewarding and engaging. So, let me explain why:

Seeing some of t…

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How is closing like a marriage proposal?

A lot is said about “closing the deal” or “closing techniques”, and some of the traditional methods are still very useful and at the same time, some new closing techniques are worth exploring.

Firstly let’s define what stages there are in winning more business, increasing your sales and getting customers to yes.

Getting a contract signed, agreeing a face to face meeting …

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We train people in sales not marketing

Yes, it’s true I can’t support you with marketing your products and services, I don’t know the difference between a brand and a logo, colours baffle me, as do buying personas and typologies.

This is all marketing stuff and do you know what? I leave these to marketing experts (check out my work history and what I train and coach people in, it’s NOT marketing).  "Marketing is the…

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Helpful resources...

We spend a lot of time researching our training courses and once we’ve found something useful we love to share it. So here’s some useful free resources for you to read, watch and use.

90 seconds of a meeting


First 90 seconds of a meeting

Planning for coaching


Planning your coaching sessions


Why do customers buy?