5 A side sales lessons

Watching a team (note watching not playing) one side had a
particularly skillful number of players – using little touches and flicks,
clever step over’s and dummies. Thing was, they were being thrashed (I think I
heard one say “we are only 9-3 down lads we can make that up”). The other team
(winning by the 6 goal margin) didn’t seem half as fancy or skillful – they just
focussed on doing the basics – movement and calling out to each other and were
outplaying the opposition by a mile.


I hope you can start to see where I am going with this – are
your sales team full of fancy skills but not achieving what you want? Do you
have the basics covered and are you doing them fantastically well? If not stop
and look at your processes and the ways you are working – look at how you can
go back to fundamental foundations of selling and make sure they are steady as
they should be. Are your sales teams picking up the phones and speaking to
prospects or customers and selling or are they avoiding this to focus on something
else? Do your salespeople return calls and emails in a timely manner or are
they getting tied up and not doing even these basics as well as they could be?
Think about what your customers want at a fundamental level – polite, respectful,
honest and interested salespeople. When selling are you or your team always
this person? If not time to get back to basics and get back to selling.

Image sourced from Pixabay

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