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Foreign currency

“Free money” from Long Term Foreign Currency Deposits


As an independent consultant I have travelled internationally a fair amount over the years and as happens with many business people a number of small plastic wallets with foreign notes had accumulated at the back of the cupboard in my office at home, which had long been overlooked. …

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How do you price a new entry into a competitive market?

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be sitting in and observing an NRT Sales and Marketing seminar at one of the North East’s leading Universities. The audience was made up of professors, lecturers and post-doctoral research students, from many different departments of the university each …

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telephone, phone

Help! What’s the best way for phone based selling?

Phone based selling is an important part of many organisations overall sales strategy.

The phone acts as a quick and efficient way of having conversations with a number of prospective customers. From charities to aerospace engineers, we have had the opportunity to work with a huge spectrum…

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Do you know your price point in your market?

Our guest blog this week is from Barrie Tynemouth.

Earlier this week I went to the local barbers which had opened about 7 years previously, run by two local lads one of whose Italian grandfather h…

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presentation genius

New Results guest blog- Simon Raybould

Welcome to our first guest blog in a series of "presenting made simple"  from Simon Raybould. In our November newsletter we gave you a snippet of rule number 1, so how about Rule number 2 to muse over?

According to his bio "Simon is a nationally recognised speaker on things like handling …

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Helpful resources...

We spend a lot of time researching our training courses and once we’ve found something useful we love to share it. So here’s some useful free resources for you to read, watch and use.

LinkedIn Profile


How to build your perfect LinkedIn profile

90 seconds of a meeting


First 90 seconds of a meeting

Planning for coaching


Planning your coaching sessions