How much did the maintenance and service of your company cars cost this year?

How much did the maintenance and servicing of your sales
team cost this year?

If cars cost more than sales refer back to the “People are
our most important assets” quote. Isn’t it time that you reviewed your sales
teams and look at how to improve their performance and make sure they can run
smoothly without any major breakdowns?

  • How often do you review their performance?
  • Do they have a personal development plan in place?
  • When was the last time they had an accompanied visit?

It can be difficult to get over the initial hurdle of
investing in the development of your salespeople, but if it’s done in a
strategic and planned way it can have a significant effect on your business.
Sales and selling is a difficult area and as such those involved need help and
support – a primary source of this needs to be from within the organisation not
using external trainers or consultants. How much time is spent in supporting a sales
team or salesperson in achieving their targets (and ultimately the company sales
targets) – do managers regularly check the performance of team and individuals
and listen to customer feedback?

Remember nothing happens in your business until someone sells
something – the vast majority of businesses need to  SELL their products and services to make
their business viable and profitable – isn’t it worth looking at how you
maximise this activity?

So to tie this together – pull out the service and maintenance
cost of your own (or your company) cars, then pull out the invoice that relate
to personal development of sales, or match that up with the time invested in
improving your sales people – time to change the Merc?

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