Seven years old and seven things I’ve learnt

It’s been 7 years since Nevil set up New Results Training, now known as New Results.

Some of you may know his favourite phrase is “every day is a school day” so here’s what he’s learnt over the last 7 years.

Relationships matter – Never underestimate the power of your network. The people you’ve worked with, worked for and even your friends and family. Do they know what you “really” do? Use your network to spread your reach. As an aside “relationships matter” is the motto that LinkedIn use!
Outsource to experts – We’re great at sales training and sales. Which is why don’t do marketing, accounts and finance. Find good people that know what they’re doing and get them to do it for you.

You can find some of our favourite folks on our Partners page. A big thank you to Lorraine from Simply Additions for being there at the start for us and continuing to work with us as we grow.
Cashflow is king – How often do you hear that? All the time I remember a story of starting off, delivering training and thinking how well we were doing, Then the voice of reason (Nic) in this case then says, “You haven’t been paid yet and then there’s all the costs to come off”. So don’t get too excited. She’s such a fun sponge!
However, she was right, turnover is vanity, it is all about the bottom line and making profit that keeps us all in jobs. Ultimately cash in the bank is king, never lose sight of that!

Build a good team around you –  We’ve got a great team here at New Results. When we first started it was me. Nic joined the team after about 6 months bringing her support and sales skills. Then along came Mike in 2012, bringing a vast amount of experience and knowledge and helping us to move to the next level.  As we continue to grow Deb and Joy join us to support with admin and appointment setting. Then there’s the newest member to the team, Ciaran our apprentice it’s the start of his second month and already he’s proving to be a great addition to the team. In fact you can read his first blog here.
If it feels right, give it a go – I mentioned Mike joining us.  We first met at a Toastmasters meeting, Mike had come along as a visitor. He’ll tell you the story of how he heard me speak and thought he liked the kind of stuff that I was sharing, so we met had a chat and hey presto the start of a beautiful relationship. Meeting with Mike felt right for me, it also felt right for Mike so we gave it a go.
Stop and smell the roses – Take time to reflect on your journey and your own successes. Don’t get hung up on those around you and what they’re getting up to. As in reality you don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes do you?
Work is hard, so make it fun – pretty simple really. Have fun and the work doesn’t seem that hard at all. Love what you do and do what you love!

In the meantime Nic came up with a very alternative list of 7 things.

The alternative seven things

Never work with your wife! Only joking it’s been great fun.

Ensure a plentiful supply of Tea and biscuits – We love tea here at New Results, and what better way to accompany a brew then a good biscuit. Our current favourites:

Ciaran – Bourbon

Nic –  anything with chocolate on

Mike – Kit Kat

Nev – Milk chocolate digestives

You can never have too many post-it notes.

Check Trip Advisor before booking your hotel – Nic very kindly booked me into a fabulous looking hotel when I was across in Dublin working with a client. Imagine my surprise when I get into the room and instead of a mini bar it’s full bottles of vodka, a face mask and ear plugs. Strange until you realise your hotel is opposite the busiest nightclub in Dublin and the noise continues all night and through until the very early hours of the morning.

Plastic plants don’t need watering – Some of you may have seen Gary our office plant. Turns out he doesn’t need water.

7 sales myths

Spare trousers are always a good option – Oddly this is true for both me and Mike. We’ve both had the unfortunate experience of splitting trousers before training. Gladly a local supermarket was at hand for me and a quick drive home for Mike meant that no-one had to glimpse our exposed behinds.

Be aware of your blind spot – We often talk about Johari window in training, especially your personal blindspot. Which was quite odd as four people I was training knew my zip was undone and I didn’t know. It wasn’t until a break mid-morning that someone pointed it out to me. Not sure who was more embarrassed.

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