What could students possibly gain from LinkedIn networking (and other online platforms)

LinkedIn networking and networking effectively was the subject of a seminar I ran for students at Newcastle University Careers week.

The picture shows them starting to network and the physical act of growing a network (speaking to someone new in the room) and connecting up with people. We then went on to show how you replicate that on LinkedIn, along with showing them some of the other great tools that LinkedIn gives them, such as:

  • Groups
  • University connections
  • Business Pages
  • Jobs searches
  • Advance searches to find specific contacts
  • A profile that connects with others (especially potential employers)

They had lots of questions and really got stuck into the session. I think they enjoyed the session and I certainly did.

It started me thinking, what would you go back and tell yourself if you were a student at college or university about networking (on and off line)?

How important is the network of contacts that builds out of your education?


Image sourced from Pixabay

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