NBSL Business Development Masterclasses

2-day fully funded Sales Technique Masterclasses with NBSL

11th & 25th October 2018

We’re delighted to be partnering with NBSL on their Business Development Masterclass series. Fully-funded workshops for businesses based in County Durham. We’ll be running a two-day Sales Technique Masterclass.

It’s a simple process, apply online to book your spot and they will be in touch. Or you can give us a call and we’ll help out too.


Day 1

We begin with… You – We look at what makes “a great salesperson” and help you to become this great salesperson. You can park all those preconceived ideas about pressure selling; this is about being an ethical, professional sales person. You know what we mean: being the type of sales person YOU would want to buy from. We’ll give your confidence a boost too, with a few simple exercises to put you in the right frame of mind. You’ll know the sales process and techniques to become a great salesperson. You’ll also know your customer – time to start thinking like your customer, helping them to buy from you. What can you do to put your customer in a positive state of mind and why you really want to do that? We’ll share the psychology behind the “green line” and how it helps your customers to buy more from you, more often.

Day 2

Building on your learning from day 1, adding a more strategic approach to your selling. Remember to bring with you a customer that you want to win, because through the course of the day you’ll be developing your own strategies to win them. We’ll share our reusable model (it’s called SAPS) that will help you to look at your customer in a different way: what’s going on in their world and how can you gather this information?

Anything else?

We’re helping you to find your own way of working based around a framework of proven sales strategies. We’ll help you to build your personality into your selling. It’s not about scripting: it’s about having honest, open conversations with clients. This 2-day workshop will be PowerPoint-free, interactive sessions (not role-play) giving you opportunities to share your own experiences with your trainer and the wider group.

This isn’t a sector specific course; everything that you learn over the two days is transferable to any business that has conversations with customers.

Who is it for?

This Masterclass is ideal if you have been in sales for some time and are looking for some new techniques and ideas to build on your existing sales skills. If you’re in an account management role within your business and want to start finding and targeting bigger clients or customers. Or if you’re a business owner and need to target larger organisations to grow your business.

How to book

To take advantage of this funded training, you need to be a business based in County Durham and apply. It’s really simple follow this link https://nbsl.org.uk/nebsf/county-durham/masterclasses


Visit NBSL website




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