When it comes to your network, size isn’t everything!

It’s not the size of your network, it’s the value in your network.

Having more connections on any social media is good, but having a strong network that you support and help is key.  Likewise, a network that supports and helps you is much better. How do you add some value to your network?

  • Share information that is useful to connections (especially your customers or potential customers). If you don’t know what to share, start answering the questions that virtually all of your customers ask you all of the time.
  • Interact across social media and retain the “loose ties” that Malcolm Gladwell highlights in excellent book “Tipping Point”. A simple message or phone call into your network to say “Hi” can be a powerful way of growing value in your network.
  • STOP, before you ask for help. Think, what could I do to help others in my network, what would benefit those around me? Build up social credit and you will find your network reaching back to you to help you.

One common mistake to avoid (and one that frustrates me) is the need of some users to share loads of “JUNK!” I dropped into a LinkedIn group recently to see a so called social media expert (their words not mine) sharing article after article after article with no interaction from others. No interaction and no engagement = no buy in and no value. Time to change what you are sharing.

If in doubt, it is all about what adds value to your network. Posting one great article is better that 10 hollow and vacant posts. Having 10 great connections that refer work to you is better than a 1,000 who sit quietly doing nothing.

So, what are you doing to add value to your connections?

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