New Results Training head west with their strategy

A couple of weeks ago we headed across to Penrith for the Cumbria Expo and we took our trusty game of strategy along with us.

The event was run by Exposure Events and was a great opportunity to meet new people and see some familiar faces that had made the same journey across the A66 or Hartside Pass for the more adventurous of us.

Once again we took a game with us for attendees to play along with. There are a couple of reasons for taking a game along, firstly it’s a great ice breaker and secondly it attracts a bit more attention than just a pile of leaflets on a stand. There are a few handy hints from Alex Purvis at Pink Label Marketing here if you want a few more tips on exhibiting at exhibitions.

Why Connect 4?

It’s based on strategy, planning ahead, being aware of what your competition is doing and understanding how outside influences can affect you. You knew that the purpose of the game was to get 4 in a row and naturally it’s a whole lot easier when you don’t have any competition.

In the real world we all have competition so it’s how we deal with it that is important whilst staying focussed on our own goals and strategy.  Differentiation is key.

Who knows what our next game will be? The more tenuous the link to what we do the better. Get in touch if you have any suggestions.

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