Pains, trains and automobiles

My second month at New Results was if anything more painful than the first. Since I was in my apprenticeship training, I couldn’t make a fair number of cups of tea, which resulted in Mike running in with his Nerf gun yet again. This time it hit me in the eye… I couldn’t see my screen for a good 10 minutes! As if that wasn’t enough punishment; apparently, I must make every single cup of tea that’s consumed in the office until 2027… All from being out of the office for 5 days and them supplying me with an abnormal amount of tea.

Nah, in reality, the second month was just as good as the first. I’ve been along to Newcastle College to help with the North East LEP workshop, this was beneficial as it helped me think about all the possible ways to move through the sales cycle and how to pick out some prospects from a group of suspects just by using social media (obviously handy to know since it’s my job). We even took a 15-year-old Blackberry phone as a prop for Nev’s presentation. We delivered 2 workshops for NEPIC which I went along to with Nevil- One about elevator pitching and the other on closing sales, this was interesting, it gave me an insight to what Nev does when he’s not in the office as well as meeting people from different businesses and getting to see what they’re all about. As well as letting me have some time to shadow him and get some good photos that I would then be able to post on our social media platforms. As well as that I went along on my first client meeting, this opened my eyes as to how a business meeting can go- it was literally nothing like I expected it to be, I went there thinking that we would have a long meeting to sit through- then when we got there the deal was all agreed in about 20 minutes; Nev made it look like light work, now the company is a client of ours and Mike has delivered one session already!

Mike, speaking






All of that’s outside the office, in the office I’ve done even more cool stuff. I recently sat my first week long course for my apprenticeship, which honestly wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be; if anything, it was really interesting and I learned a lot throughout the week that I previously wouldn’t have- I was expecting to be sat on a laptop with nobody to talk to sitting through webinars and watching slideshows and doing the odd piece of work, turns out there’s a really good balance between doing work, listening and breaks, which nobody can complain about! I’ve been continuing to work on the designs for our social media platforms that should be uploaded soon, alongside my first social media client project, which I’ve been designing for and having meetings with- this has allowed me to see a different side of client work to what we usually do. I’ve done a few video shoots for our new website, as well as helping with some big projects that we’ve been planning together as a team… but that’s a secret, I would tell you, but then I’d have to send the New Results army on you with their multiple Nerf guns…

Oh, and I passed my driving test, which obviously means an endless amount of road trips… Well it would, but apprentice wage doesn’t really cover the amount of fuel needed for a road trip- might get a few drag races out of it though; but I guess it’s better than getting the bus. There’s the little beast…

So, all in all, it’s been quite a productive month and I’m looking forward to my upcoming months here at New Results!

-Ciaran 🙂

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