Time to act more professionally

“I will see you there at 10.00. ” Is this becoming the new “the cheque is in the post”?

Is it not time to act more professionally as salespeople?

What possesses people to book meetings for set times and then not bother turning up for them. I sit writing this blog while waiting for a meeting that should have started 10 minutes ago, on top of just bumping into the person I was due to meet in two hours that happened to drop into the conversation that they wouldn’t be free until then.

What impression does this create?

I am busy?

I am more important than you?

You don’t matter?

I am disorganised?

Or my personal bugbear, I don’t care about the rarest commodity at my disposal?

Everyone is short of time. Fact. Let’s start acting like the professionals we all tell people we are. Mike Lever (one of our directors) regularly says “everything matters” and I agree wholeheartedly. But pinching my time and wasting your time (or worst still) wasting a customers time is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Everyone’s time is precious and just yesterday I had to explain that starting a session 15 minutes late for 5 people cost the company an hours worth of productive time, and this came from a group who wanted to work on their time management skills.

Simple tips to help.

Use one form of a diary (electronic or paper) and stick to it. Check your diary regularly to ensure you know how each day and week looks if in doubt, don’t book an appointment.

Book in sufficient travel time (even if you are in the same building!). If you do end up running late, call or text to let the other person know AND most importantly apologise for taking up some of their precious time.

Not our normal type of blog but thought it was a good one to share with you. Feel free to comment or share your experiences.

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