Training & Coaching at 150mph

As coaches and trainers we’re not usually the ones being coached or trained, and definitely not at 150mph.  But that’s what happened on 9th April.

Team building is a great way of engaging your team and according to this article in HR Magazine employees want to take part in team building but don’t get the chance and they would find it useful for their jobs.

Team incentives are nothing new and there’s good sense in rewarding the right behaviours, outcomes and results.  In our case, we’re unashamed petrol heads so when it came to deciding on an event that would give us an extra boost, it was an easy decision to make.  We all agreed that a team track day was the perfect way to reward our performance and to cement the great team spirit we share.  Knowing what makes us tick makes it easier to get the incentives right. How best to do this?  Ask!

Ask yourself, what are you looking to achieve from the incentive and therefore what will be the measure of success?

Ask your team to come up with their ideas (note that this is not the same as asking them what they would like).  Experiences work well – often more so than material objects or cash – because typically they are luxuries that we wouldn’t be able to justify paying for ourselves.

As for being mentored, trained and coached in rapid succession at high speed?  We’ll consider the differences in another blog.  For now, all we’ll say is that it was the perfect way to balance the work we put in.  And the photos from the day are a great way to stir the memories.

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